That's The Good Stuff Gratitude Journal

That’s The Good Stuff is a collection of mostly true stories from everyday life, for everyday life. This book contains a myriad of personal stories; plus a fresh take on stories, tall tales and parables, from today as well as days gone by. Each story includes a prompt for you to reflect on the good stuff in your life.

The "I heard a different version" DISCLAIMER: Each That’s The Good Stuff story is mostly true. Many of the stories are 100% true and shared exactly as they happened, while others are entirely fictitious. So yes, I realize different versions of these fictitious stories could be floating around. If you’ve heard a different version, feel free to let me know. Just keep in mind - even if some of the particulars vary, the principle behind the story, well my friends, that’s the good stuff!


Ain't Life Fun! Parent Edition

Has the day-to-day grind of family life left you running on empty? Has parenting made you crazy? Has the kid in you gone missing?  

In this fun, light-hearted book of practical wisdom gleaned from years of experience, I share homespun stories to give you a new perspective on family life. I've shared these simple yet powerful stories across the globe encouraging families to focus on the good stuff. Their inspiring, down-to-earth insights will give your family the confidence to boldly proclaim, ain't life fun!

Ain't Life Fun! Kid Edition

You are God's masterpiece! Created in Christ Jesus, so you can do the good things he planned for you long ago!

This fun, easy to read book will help you understand how God wants to use you to change the world. I share crazy funny stories to help you see yourself as a world changer. My hope is that these simple yet powerful stories will inspire kids to focus on the good stuff in their home, classroom and neighborhood. Their encouraging insights will help you boldly proclaim, ain't life fun!


Parent Parables

Practical homespun stories of hope for parents in the daily trenches of family life.

Coming Fall 2023.

Family Man's Bible Commentary

A one volume commentary on the Bible from a proud, doting family man to his loved ones. I'm not a bible scholar or theologian. I am a guy who's studied the Bible for more than 20 years, taught countless classes, and preached sermons. These are the thoughts that I penned while doing my daily Bible reading.

Coming Fall 2023


A simple strategy to gain clarity on life's unanswered questions.

Whatever you choose needs to be in alignment with your values, gifts and talents, and your desired lifestyle.

This needs to be a workbook with stories to illustrate each point and space for them to brain dump then narrow down.

Check Thing Finder notes, videos, and google docs.

Engineering a Story

Engineers turn ideas into reality. Likewise, a good communicator can turn thoughts into reality.

Mark Twain famously said, “I like a good story well told. That’s the reason I’m sometimes forced to tell them myself.”

Engineering A Story is designed to help anyone become a more engaging, confident storyteller. For any engineering project to become reality, it must pass through 4 phases. The same is true for any great story well told.

Engineering a Story will help you find stories, share those stories, and get your audience to care. Plus learn the secret weapon that guarantees you’ll have an arsenal of great story ideas for any occasion.