How Building a Culture of Family is Rebuilding Workplace Culture

We have seen this business cycle before. We’ve brought in all the industry experts, listened to the influencers and attended the most expensive conferences, yet our workplace environments, our cultures and overall employee engagement hasn’t improved. What if these solutions are just band-aids to a much larger problem that requires surgery? The reality is, we may be looking in the wrong places for answers. The best solution to rebuilding the workplace is to build a culture of family. 

Focus on the Good Stuff

We’ve all been told that life is short. It’s easy to get caught up in what’s missing, what you need to be doing, what you coulda, woulda, shoulda done, that you actually miss what matters most. When we begin to embrace the everyday, we learn to stop and enjoy the simple things in life. There’s a reason that songs and movies use simple plots and relatable stories. Because they resonate deeply with everyone and build instant connection and trust. Embrace the everyday. Because the stuff we hate now, is the stuff we'll miss later. 

Learning the New Language

Clear and simple communication is key to understanding one another. Too often we want to make our point regardless of what the other person thinks or how it’ll make the other person feels. What if we actually learned to communicate with others - our family, friends and coworkers - in such a way that both people were heard and we were able to reach a mutual compromise without reinventing the wheel? Learning a new language is easy, effective and will build long-term relationships. Sometimes the most complicated of issues can be solved in just a few words. 

Connecting the Disconnected

Have you ever felt like you’re being pulled in a million different directions? Like life doesn’t make any sense? Have you ever felt lost in a sea of complete disconnectedness? In a world where technology is supposed to bring us closer together, we seem to be even more removed from the world. Sometimes even the closest people to us feel far away. It seems as though we have lost the simple family values, traditions and simple acts of getting together that once kept the nuclear family glued together. There is a simple roadmap that will lead you back home. Maybe this is the bridge you been looking to build to reconnect you back to yourself and everyone around you.